DEFINITIONS: In this agreement

"We", "Us", "Our", "INTELLIGENT BRIDGING" and "INTELLIGENT-BRIDGING.CO.UK" refers to Intelligent Bridgin which a trading style of Intelligent Broker Limited. Registered in England & Wales No. 8094980 Registered address. Intelligent Broker Limited, 81 Central, Church Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 1HU. Tel: 0845 413 3503. Data Protection Notification No: Z2889391. Consumer Credit License No: 646101.

"You", "Your", "Introducer", or "Broker" applies to the individual or to the business name which was used to register on INTELLIGENT-BRIDGING.CO.UK

"The lender" is the financial institution to where applications are submitted. References in this Agreement to any statutory provision or external organisation shall include a reference to such provision or organisation or rules of such organisation as from time to time reenacted, amended, extended or replaced.

1.0 You are hereby appointed to Introducer status by INTELLIGENT BRIDGING, who will act as the principal.

2.1 You are authorised to effect introductions for to INTELLIGENT BRIDGING. An introduction means passing to Us; customer's contact details (as prescribed by us from time to time).
2.2 You will be permitted to distribute promotional material that has been provided by Us. You may only advertise on our behalf, use Our name,brand or trade names, trademarks or logos, with Our written permission.
2.3 You will not be permitted to carry out any of the following activities:
2.3.1 Discussing the customer's secured borrowing (with the exception of secured borrowing not regulated under the Financial Services & MarketsAct 2000, i.e. 2nd mortgages and mortgages not secured on the borrowers own home).
2.3.2 You also agree to provide best advice for Your client before introducing them to INTELLIGENT BRIDGING based on the conditions of treating customers fairly (TFC conditions regulated under the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000). Giving advice or making recommendations on any aspect of the products available through INTELLIGENT BRIDGING.
2.3.3 Issuing a standard INTELLIGENT BRIDGING application form or any other literature to a customer, other than approved promotional literature.
2.3.4 Forwarding a standard INTELLIGENT BRIDGING application form to INTELLIGENT BRIDGING, a lender or insurer.
2.3.5 Completing or assisting the customer in the completion of a standard INTELLIGENT BRIDGING application form
2.3.6 Discussing with or representing the customer in respect of any aspect of a standard INTELLIGENT BRIDGING application form
2.3.7 Collecting or passing on to Us a fee or charge related to the loan application.
2.4 Nothing in this agreement shall require Us to accept any loan application.
2.5 You will not:
2.5.1 Assign this agreement or any part of it.
2.5.2 Delegate any of Your responsibilities under this agreement to a third party or appoint another Introducer.

3.1 Payment terms from the company to the introducer: Payment of introducer commissions will be made by bank transfer or cheque. All commission must be paid to the bank account holder named as the registered name or trading variation as per your Consumer Credit licence. We will make checks to confirm that the bank details are that of the licence holder, but we will not be responsible in the event that we are given the incorrect or false bank details. It is Your responsibility to ensure that we hold up to date and correct bank details. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, You are confirming that Your Consumer Credit License is in date and that the trading name of the business You are registering with us appears on the license exactly as You have entered it.
3.2 Commission pay rates may be adjusted from time to time at our discretion. We will give You notice of any such change.

4.1 This Agreement may be terminated:
4.1.1 By mutual agreement at any time; or
4.1.2 By either party on the expiry of 30 days' written notice delivered by registered or recorded delivery post.
4.2 We will have the right to cancel this agreement with immediate effect in the event of the following circumstances
4.2.1 Fraud, civil/criminal charges material to the operation of the business under the terms of this agreement;
4.2.3 Any breach of this Agreement.
4.3 In the event of Your death, bankruptcy, winding up or making an arrangement or composition with creditors, or if You become resident outside the United Kingdom or (being a company) change its place of registration or have its ownership or control altered without our prior consent, this agreement will automatically come to an end.

5.0 You must notify Us immediately in writing of any changes to your circumstances such as change of address, legal entity, trading status, engaging other business activities, change in related regulated activities or other material facts.

6.1 You will make all documents belonging to Us and in Your possession available to Us for inspection at all reasonable times.
6.2 If this Agreement is terminated or notice of termination is given, You will deliver such documentation to Us forthwith.

This Agreement shall be constructed according to English Law and both parties will submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts. INTELLIGENT BRIDGING will not pay any due commissions until a signed copy of this agreement is received and a valid copy of the introducing companies credit consumer licence is provided.

We may vary the terms of this Agreement via Our website from time to time. A hard copy can be provided on request.

9.1 You will comply with the instructions issued by Us from time to time in respect of Your introducer status. Both parties will comply with all legal and regulatory requirements as are applicable to their obligations under this Agreement and will cooperate fully with each other for the purpose of such compliance.
9.2 INTELLIGENT BRIDGING may at anytime make a visit it deems necessary to Your premises, or to request any information from You in the course of monitoring Your activities in relation to any enquiries You have submitted to Us.

10.1 Commission will be paid to introducers within 7 days of reciept of the comission payment from a lender. On reciept of payment by a lender for any given case submitted by the introducer INTELLIGENT BRIDGING will pay the introducer by cheque or BAC'S payment (depending on the requirements of the introducer) 50% of the brokers fee (1% of the total loan value).

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