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Intelligent Bridging at all times complies with regulations on the privacy and personal data protection of the Service users. Use of the Services on this website may require a user to provide some personal data such as name, surname, email address and phone number, that can be used for identification purposes.

Intelligent Bridging is administrating such personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Users of the service, who have submitted any personal data to Intelligent Bridging have a right to modify, amend or delete such data from a database administrated by Intelligent Bridging at any time.

Intelligent Bridging have a data protection License No: Z2889391

Intelligent Bridging broker bridging finance loans secured over properties located in England, Scotland and Wales. The bridging loans offered by Intelligent Bridging are strictly unregulated bridging finance loans and Intelligent Bridging is not authorised by the FSA.

The Intelligent Bridging logo is a registered trademark of Intelligent Broker Limited.

The information set out on the website does not constitue an offer of bridging finance and any application for a loan remains subject to formal agreement.

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